Hulu South Africa

Hulu South Africa hasn’t launched (yet) but watching Hulu in South Africa is just as easy as watching American Netflix in South Africa. The solution lies in making it appear that you are actually accessing the Hulu website from within the United States.

When the service providers like Hulu look at your IP address they can instantly see that you are connecting from South Africa and so they just will not let you connect. The trick is to make your IP address appear to be originating in the USA. The easiest way to do this is by means of using a service like SmartDNS.

Smart DNS Free Trial

Their service will allow you to “bounce” off their DNS servers that they have all over the world so that you can access media from providers like Hulu and others. The SmartDNS service costs just under $5 per month but is really worth it.The content on Hulu is excellent. They have plenty of really good movies for all ages. Hulu also has probably a better or more recent selection of television series. Of course, you would need to pay a subscription fee to Hulu as well but this is easily achieved with your credit card or Paypal. The total amount you will be paying each month will still be far less than what people currently pay for the full DSTV service.

Hulu South Africa

To set up the SmartDNS service is pretty easy. They have a comprehensive, step by step procedure outlined for each possible device that you might want to watch on. If you follow their advice you will be watching Hulu in South Africa in no time.

Their setup process on their “How To Setup” page shows you how to change your DNS settings on whichever device you’re using. We recommend making the changes to your router. That way you don’t have to touch any of the settings on your other devices that connect to the internet via your router. Simply sign up for the free trial, login to your Smart DNS account and then follow the steps on the “How To Setup” page on their website. If you like their solution (we know you will) then after the 2 week free trial you can choose to either pay $4.95 a month or you can save some money by paying up front for a few months at a time. Just remember that this is in addition to your Hulu subscription

If you are concerned about some of the steps you are welcome to ask us or otherwise you can check out our Netflix South Africa guide which will give you a good idea. The process is very similar and even if you aren’t very technically minded you will no doubt be able to follow it. The tech support from Smart DNS is also brilliant. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such quick responses from a support query as I have with them.

Is Hulu better than Netflix? Well, that’s a tough one to answer. Hulu seems to have a lot more of the new TV series but Netflix has been making loads of it’s own TV series now too and they’re really good. Whether you decide on Netflix, Hulu or both at least you don’t have to wait for Hulu South Africa to launch because with this solution you can watch right now.

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